Do you yearn for more?

  Life gives us so many opportunities to grow. Working with a coach like

  Elle helps speed up the development process. You can spend less time

  and energy struggling and move more quickly towards living a satisfying


  Working with Elle as your life coach is like having a partner towards your

  goals and dreams. She brings creativity, clarity, and an ability to help you

  draw on your strengths.

  Though many different things draw individuals to working with Elle, here

  are a few of the areas where she can support you.

  Professional Support:

  Whether you are looking for a better position, building your own

  business, leading a team, or simply trying to figure out what’s next for you professionally; Elle’s

  background in leadership development and strategic planning can help make your professional life

  more satisfying.

  Support for Life Changes:

  Career changes, moving, retirement, loss, divorce, and changes to health bring great stress to our

  lives. They are also opportunities to reevaluate our lives and our selves. The seeming chaos of huge

  transitions can bring great clarity about what’s important to us. Working with Elle provides emotional

  support for any changes you are going through as well as a framework to glean the gems of insight

  that surface as a result.

  Stress Management Support:

  There are many roads to lowering one’s stress levels, and working with a Elle helps you find a method

  that works for you.

  Relationship Support:

  As a facilitator, Elle has helped countless couples improve communication and make important

  decisions. Having a compassionate third party present helps couples come to mutual understanding

  and move forward together. Elle is compassionate and open minded, and couples from all walks of

  life have benefited from working with her.

  Coaching Details
  - Get clarity on meaningful goals
  - Chart a workable course of action
  - Take consistent, meaningful action
  - Feel empowered to build a life you want
  - Change patterns of thinking holding you back
  - Change relationship to stress
  - Develop habits for success

  What to Expect:
  I tailor my coaching to each of my clients, so your experience will be unique. However, here are some

  general things you can expect to experience:
  - I won’t tell you what to do or how to do it
  - I will ask you questions you haven’t considered before
  - New possibilities will likely open up
  - You’ll find yourself thinking about things in different ways
  - You might assign yourself homework
  - You’ll be excited about your progress
  - It might feel hard at times, but you’ll have support in your challenge

  If you have any questions or would like to book a session, please contact us

Coaching with Elle Newman