Here at Infinity we have three talented Massage Therapists on our team. Our therapists utilize classic 

  restorative Swedish massage integrated with deep tissue and muscle release techniques to address

  therapeutic goals of softening adhesions, knots, and structural tension, while supporting muscular system

  health, skeletal alignment, and overall body wellness. Each therapist has a unique background that adds to

  their knowledge of the body and the therapeutic benefits of Massage Therapy.

  Sessions can be booked for 30, 60, or 90 minutes and can be booked alongside a chiropractic adjustment,

  sauna, or other appointment as requested. 

  We currently have massage sessions available Monday-Friday at varying hours. If you would like to inquire

  about scheduling please do so here. Please include any information about your availability and if you're

  looking to schedule with a specific Massage Therapist. For more information on each therapist please look

  here. If you have any other questions regarding Massage Therapy at our facility please contact us

Massage Therapy